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Introducing the BuggyCart

buggycart features

  • Carries up to 15kgs

    The BuggyCart™ supports its own weight and will not tip over your precious cargo.

  • Environmentally friendly

    Promotes sustainable living by reducing the need to use plastic bags when shopping.

  • Multi-pram compatible

    The BuggyCart™ is guaranteed to fit perectly with your favourite pram or stroller. Or your money back! See here for full terms and conditions

  • Australian owned

    The BuggyCart™ has been designed by an Australian mum and is 100% Australian owned.

  • Promotes health & fitness

    Promotes healthy living by keeping mums and kids active through walking.

  • Award winning design

    The BuggyCart™ won the Gold Award for Product Innovation last year.

Meet Helen

Award-winning mum of three, and CEO and Founder of the BuggyCart™ shares her inspirational story.

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Will the BuggyCart fit my pram?

The NEW BuggyCart model can fit 100% of all pram and stroller models, providing you are not using any other accessories such as an additional toddler seat. If you do buy, and the BuggyCart is not suitable for your pram model, you can return it within 14 days for a full refund.

How does the BuggyCart work?

Usually when using a pram or stroller to shop, there is limited available space inside the existing pram basket (if the pram has one). Bulky items like a bulk pack of disposable nappies and toilet paper, cannot be stored leaving many pram users resort to using the pram’s sunshade or a pram hook to hang extra bulky or heavy items. Buggycarts are designed to clip onto the back of most prams and strollers. It is unlikely to tip your pram because all the weight of the bag is distributed onto the Buggycart's own set of heavy duty wheels. The top straps clip (not hang) onto  your handle bars to keep it upright. BuggyCarts can cart up to 15kg!

What are the BuggyCart features?

Buggycarts also feature several compartments that include a drink holder, phone case and mesh bag so that the user can fold back the wheels and just have a nappy bag when not shopping.

How much can the BuggyCart hold?

BuggyCarts have a massive 66L capacity. It can fit up to 2 bulk sized nappy boxes!

What is the BuggyCart made of?

Buggycarts are made from a quality Oxford fabric, with an inner waterproof lining to resist against staining and spills. The fabric used is free from nasty AZO dyes and is BPA free. The wheels are made from a combination of powder-coated steel for durability, and our swivel stroller wheels are lightweight and silent for a trouble-free commute.

Official Sponsor - BuggyCart

$3 from every sale is donated to White Ribbon Australia - preventing violence against women.

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