A to Z pram compatibility

A-Z Compatibility

The BuggyCart™ is compatible with almost every single pram or your money back.


ABC Adventure Buggy: Twin, Triple and Quad


BabyBee: Comet, Rover, Luna Duo

BabyHood: Verve, Nuna Pepp, Tourer, Stelth, Casual Play, Duppio

Baby Jogger: City Elite, City Mini, City Mini Lite, Summit X3, City Mini Twin, City Select, City Zip, Tourer, Versa, Premier, Select Lux, Mini gt and Mini gt Twin

Baby Love: Cortina, Tandem Lite
Baby Monsters: Fresh, Easy, Easy Twin

Baby Stepz: iBelieve, Tango

BabyZen: Zen, Yoyo

Bertini: Envy*

Bob: Motion, Evolution

Britax: E-Brake, Agile, Flex, Flex Tandem*

Bugaboo: Chameleon, Fox, Buffalo, Donkey, Bee

Bumbleride: Indie, Indie Twin, Speed


Chicco: Urban, Activ3

ChildCare: Discovery, Vexo, Knox

Cybex: Eezy S, Eezy S Twist, Priam, Mios, Agis, Balios


Discovery: Shuttle


Edwards & Co: Oscar G3, Otto

Emmaljunga: Vanilla Comet, Nitro City


4Baby: Layback, Everyday


iCandy: Orange, Peach, Apple, Strawberry


Jane: Crosswalk, Epic

Joie: Aire Twin, Joie

Joolz: Day, Geo, Hub


Kmart: Layback Umbrella Stroller, Runabout Stroller


Love N Care: Capella Cony, Rush, Egg, Igo, Evo, Mirage


Maclaren: Techno XT, Techno XLR, Mark II Style Set, Volo, Globetrotter, Triumph, Quest, Daytripper, Twin Triumph, Twin Techno

Mamas & Pappas: Armadillo Flip, Armadillo XT, Urbo, Urbo2, Ocarro, Mylo, Flip XT
Maxi Cosi: Zelia, Laika,

Mima: Xari, Kobi*

Mother’s Choice: Orbit, Haven, Flux, Grace, Ella

Mountain Buggy: +One, +One3, Mini, Swift, Duet, Duet Single, Terrain, Urban Jungle, Nano, Nano Duo, Cosmopolitan

Musty: i2, Evo, Nio, Nexo


Nanny Annie: Star Kidz Flexii, Flexii Double, Star Kidz Lusso

Nuna: Ivvi, Mixx, Demi


Oyster: Max*


Peg Perego: Book, Uno, Pliko Switch, Skate

Phil & Teds: Go, Dot*, Sport*, Dash*, Voyager*, Mod*, Smart


Quinny: Moodd, Zapp, Zapp Xtra, Zapp Xtra 2, Buzz, Yezz


RedsBaby: Metro, Jive, Skip, Jive Platinum


Safety 1st: Verso Nest, Tote

Silver Cross: Pioneer, Wave, Coast, Surf, Horizon Go, Aston Martin, Princess Marie Chantel Sleepover, Jet, Zest, Pop

Steelcraft: Strider, Savvy, Flex

Stokke: Crusi, Trailz, Scoot


UppaBaby: Vista, Alta


Valco Baby: Rebel Q, Snap, Snap Ultra, Snap Ultra Tailormade, Ultra 4

VeeBee: Navigator, Nav4

Vulu: Leo

*compatible without the bassinet on the bottom. May limit full capacity of BuggyCart when second bottom seat is in use.

Please note, this website and product imagery is designed to show you the wide variety of applications and flexibility of the BuggyCart™ on a range of stroller and pram models. It is not exhaustive and is regularly updated. The BuggyCart™ has been designed with functionality in mind, so our illustrative examples are intended to show you that the BuggyCart™ can be mounted successfully onto almost every stroller and model. It is important that when using the BuggyCart™, enough space to walk and tow your contents comfortably.

However, due to the number of combinations possible across stroller brands (regarding positioning of bassinets, whether seats are forward/rear facing, the ability of the pushchair handle to slide out, the height of the foot brake (if any), accessories you may have attached etc.), we are unable to illustrate everything. Particularly if you are using a second seat or bassinet at the bottom or lower level.

Only you will be able to judge whether there is sufficient space between the back seat and where the BuggyCart™ will attach on the back axle bar between the back wheels. Similarly, if you use a BuggyCart™ on top of a toddler board accessory, the bag is designed for use with the toddler board whilst the toddler is not using it.


The BuggyCart™ is not compatible with, Stokke Xploratory, Pixi Strollers and prams with a bar brake higher than 30cm off the ground.